Things to Avoid
  • Avoid tweezing or waxing.
    • Hair must be present and be at least 1/16" long for treatment.
    • Tweezing and waxing cause hairs to become darker, coarser and more firmly rooted upon regrowth, as well as possible follicle distortion. This can prolong overall treatment.
    • Clipping or shaving is the best method to control unwanted hair between treatment appointments.
  • After treatments...
    • Avoid the application of make-up, foundation or heavy moisturizers that may clog the treated hair follicles.
    • Avoid tanning beds and prolonged exposure to sun due to skin irritation.
    • Avoid hot tubs, jacuzzis and saunas (places where germs proliferate) to reduce the possibility of follicle infection.
    • Avoid depilatories, hair colorants and hair bleach. These chemicals can cause adverse reactions when contacting treated follicles.
* Although electrolysis is a self-sterilizing process, it is important to keep the treated area clean for 24 hours following your appointment to reduce the possibility of infection.
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