Types of Electrolysis
Electrolysis (Galvanic)
Galvanic electrolysis is a method of chemically destroying the lower portion of the hair follicle. A small electrical current causes a reaction between the naturally occurring salt and water in the follicle to produce Sodium Hydroxide or Lye. This caustic Lye destroys the tissue surrounding the hair follicle, preventing future hair growth.

Thermolysis (High Frequency, Short Wave)
Thermolysis is a method of destroying the tissue surrounding the hair follicle by means of heat. This heat is caused by the friction of vibrating water molecules. Water is naturally found in the cells of the body.

The Blend
The Blend is a combination of Galvanic Electrolysis and Thermolysis used simultaneously or sequentially. Heating the Lye increases its effectiveness and allows it to more easily penetrate the surrounding tissue.

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