Picture of Jill sitting on her treatment table So happy you are here visiting my website! That means you are considering electrolysis. What a great thing to do for yourself! Iím Jill, the owner and electrologist of AfterImage Electrolysis, and hereís a little bit about me to help you get acquainted.

I graduated from Cortland College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology. I worked in the biology/chemistry field for 10 years before going to school to study electrolysis. I graduated with a certificate degree and opened my business in Cortland, NY in August 2005. I opened my second office in Lansing in June 2013. Iíve been a member of the New York Electrolysis Association and the American Electrology Association as well as the Allied Health Association.

What I love most about doing electrolysis is the fact that Iím able to give back to the client their self-confidence. Self-confidence is really empowering! Combine that with the gift of time, by freeing the client from their current process or processes of hair removal, and I have a very rewarding job indeed! So if you have too many unwanted hairs to tweeze and it is becoming too much maintenance; if youíre tired of the expense of waxing or if your eye sight just isnít what it used to be, then come and see me. My consultations are free and I look forward to meeting you!

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